Change Agents

i told my friend Father Brendan Purceell that I named this post after Thomas DeQuincey’s famous essay, because most of the material came to me in the ICU using a self-administered Morphine drip machine. It was my way of occupying my mind when my body was restrained after my (first) operation. More about that later. […]


Truth, lies & videotape

December 31, 2012

in Change Agents

There was a TV series in the mid 2000s called “Truth, lies and videotape” — from which I want to borrow the title for this blog. Inadvertantly or not, who ever came up with that phrase made a philosophical statement by their placement of the comma. They made a distinction not only between truth and lies […]


Conventional wisdom says that that major change is the responsibility of powerful leaders. I believe that leaders cannot accomplish true transformation ‘top-down’ using their power.  ‘Bottom-up’ is ultimately how all significant change happens. The capability to achieve extraordinary change from tiny causes is built into reality. God has designed the world to adapt and change […]


Martin Buber, the renowned Jewish philosopher, linked personal and global transformation —  a “genuine person (is one) whose transformation helps toward the transformation of the world.” When we think seriously about Buber’s statement, it challenges us to transform ourselves if we want to be authentic persons. The journey toward being authentic The aspiration to transform […]


There are two opposed mindsets and viewpoints about the world in general: Disengaged Viewpoint. The world? I don’t pay any attention to it. It is, always has been and always will be filled with problems.  There aren’t any reliable facts about problems and there certainly aren’t any global solutions. The best you can do is […]