Easter 2016

Young woman in Brussels terror attackWhere is the risen Christ?

I look at the terrible faces and destruction in Brussels and ask this question.

Some would say, and I understand their pain, there is no God or Christ. Once again men acting in the name of religion have murdered innocent people. Both love and God are myths.

Others would say, Christ is there in the background in Brussels, giving solace to those in need. This is a common view: a reticent Christ who chooses to do nothing about such hideous crimes except mop up afterwards.

But what of Christ the all Mighty? Does he reserve his power until the end of time, and allow men to freely commit crimes that cry out to heaven? Is there no grace being poured into the awful reality of the Brussels Airport?

I must say that I cannot grasp — nor should I expect to — the diverse and subtle ways that the all Mighty Christ is at work in our world.

This Good Friday, as I puzzle over the incomprehensible power of the Cross, I pray for Christ the all Mighty God to heal the effects of evil in Brussels and across our broken world.