Stretching toward the horizon

A friend of mine Pravir Malik has just published a book that reaches for the horizon of man’s knowledge and understanding of the world — The Flower Chronicles; A Radical Approach to Systems and Organizational Development. He is in good company. Others reach toward the same horizon — Ken Wilbur with his Integral Theory; Beatrice Bruteau and her Radical Option extending Teilhard de Chardin’s view of the cosmic Christ, and others.

This desire to reach toward the ultimate horizon of what we can know, to sum up and integrate what you yourself have learned over your life, is a manifestation of grace.  Rather than being a God who simply said “Let it be” at the Big Bang and lets the freedom of the universe and life and consciousness evolve to create reality,  the God of Jesus Christ enters into the ongoing struggle to become more, to learn what we are intended to be. We Christians call that entry the Incarnation of Jesus, and after his resurrection, the grace of the Holy Spirit. Others, like my friend Pravir, inspired and driven by the same grace, synthesize and tell the story of reality in their own cultural language.

Grace manifests itself in goodness and beauty. It is worth the effort to read Malik, Wilbur, Bruteau, Telihard and others because their insights about what we can see when we reach beyond our usual perspectives spark an “Ah!” in us that is a gift of grace.