I receive emails occasionally from the Harvard Humanist Community. Recently they awarded comedian Eddie Izzard a Lifetime Acheivement Award, and featured one of his quotes on their Facebook page –“I don’t believe in a God. I believe in people.” That got me to thinking (as the Harvard Humanist Community usually does). This is a classic […]

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We have arrived at that special period just before Christmas when all the platitudes emerge. How frantic everyone is, buying last minute gifts, etc. But what I really look forward to are the pre-Christmas editorials in newspapers. I thought I’d share a sample of a bit of the wisdom from the Sydney Morning Herald on […]


“You aren’t a Christian but you are the most Christian person I know.” I hear this statement occasionally and it always makes me pause. I wonder what the person saying it means — and how the person being referred to feels. There are lots of possibilities. Then I realize that the person I need to […]


The need to change almost always starts with a threat. Someone can tell you how great the future will be after some change happens¬† but human beings will inevitably choose to stay in the status quo unless there is some threat or danger or bad experience. This is especially true when it comes to changes […]


A Christian is a person who loves Jesus Christ and follows him as their leader. ¬†[1] There are many types of Christians: Roman Catholics, Anglo Catholics and Protestants, evangelicals and eucharistic, orthodox and modern, eastern and western, believers in the Bible as the sole guide and believers in the Bible and tradition, and other variations […]


Sometimes, I notice different kinds of anger when I talk with Christians or read their Blogs: “The church doesn’t give me what I need” “Those other Christians and their churches are heretics, apostates or just irritating.” “The Pastor offended me.” “They are ruining the church.” What is Jesus’ mind when it comes to such anger? […]