A. Why Change? — “I’m spiritual but I don’t go to church.”

I don’t know how many people I have talked to that told me they don’t go to church but they are spiritual. In fact many Christians I know take essentially the same stance when they see church as a place to go to (occasionally) and not something that is central in their lives.

I recently read an excellent book called UnChristian that is quite revealing. Click here to visit the author’s website. It describes Christianity and church as people outside our communities perceive us. In a way, this book presents a ‘Voice of the Customer’ for Christians since one of our fundamental purposes is to announce the Good news to people outside the church — and so many people are turned off when we do this. We could say, ‘not our fault’ or point to other Christians who we feel  give the church a bad name. Isn’t that playing the victim and denying our own responsibility for this situation? For me the book UnChristian was a strong wake-up call to look at my own local church and see how we might be responsible for this sorry state of affairs.Essential【中古】
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2 Replies to “A. Why Change? — “I’m spiritual but I don’t go to church.””

  1. Wow. I was a little neuovrs about reading this for the same reason as Alan above. I facilitated dialogue between evangelicals and gay Christians for several years. We called it you’ll like this First Be Reconciled. (I haven’t read that particular blog of yours but I’m going there next!) Anyway, you are every bit as thoughtful as the people who participated in those conversations. Most of those people were just like you: tired of the way people were thinking and talking, and maybe a little bit hurt, if not a large bit hurt about the way young people now see Christians, largely because of their anti-homosexuality. (I too have the book UNchristian, having stumbled across it in a hospice thrift store.) The best thing about the dialogues, besides the fact that I co-facilitated them with an evangelical Christian (I’m gay myself) is that they wound up being very helpful to an evangelical member of my family who had formed a relationship, unbeknownst to me, with an early evangelical dialogue participant who, as a result of her participation in the dialogues, was later to be very supportive of him as an evangelical Christian in the early stages of coming out as a gay man. Because she accepted him, as both gay and Christian, he was far better able to accept both sides of himself. So all those years facilitating dialogue with strangers ended up meaning something good in my own family. I’m saying this because you never know whose lives you are going to touch. The people we see before us are the very beginning of the ripple effect, the very tip of the iceberg. So a blog like yours, with it’s thoughtful, faithful conservative voice will very likely make a difference in the life of somebody you don’t know. Or better yet, somebody you do know. Or even better, somebody you really care about.

  2. Thanks for your insightful comment. I suppose the clearest example of Jesus’ mind (in my opinion) about sexual laws and behaviour was the woman accused of adultery and about to be stoned to death under the law by a crowd of “righteous” men. He said two things: To the men: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” and to the accused woman “Go and sin no more.” When I think of all the sins in my own life, I can only bow my head and thank God for his mercy. I have no platform to stand on to judge anyone else or throw stones.

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